Meet Our Staff

Yuko Robinson

Born and raised in Japan, I speak, read, and write fluent in Japanese. I went to a college in Japan to study the English language, and communication including inter-cultural and non-verbal communications. After I graduated, I wanted to learn more about the English language. I came to the United Stated in 1994 without knowing anyone in the states. All I had was the information of the lady who I was going to rent a room from and the school I was going to attend. After a few months in the language school it was time for me to move on. I enrolled in to study international business. During my college years I met my husband and got married. Therefore my plan to go back to Japan and work in the import and export industries had changed. After my graduation I started working at a residential hotel as an assistant manager where I could help a lot of Japanese guests and tenants.

I started working for Dr. Seibert in 2001 as a chiropractic assistant. Currently, I am the office manager. I help patients schedule appointments, receive therapy, verify insurance information, take care of the billing, and I also take care of inventories of our office products and supplies.

I was lucky enough to be able to continue working with Dr. Seibert during my pregnancy and after the birth of my son. Because of my regular chiropractic adjustments I did not suffer from any discomfort during or after the pregnancy. She also gave me a lot of professional advice during my pregnancy and actually prevented me from using an ointment my OBGYN prescribed me. Because of Dr. Seibert's advice I was able double check with the pharmacist about the safety of the ointment use during the pregnancy and it turned out it was not safe. Dr. Seibert believes in family care and holistic approach to the health, she let me come to work with my son, D'Angelo, till he was about 8 month old allowing me to nurse him during my work hours. I am pretty sure a lot of our patients remember him and his playpen in the office.

D'Angelo is of course under chiropractic care since he was 10days old. When he was born Dr. Seibert was out of town for a week, that is why he did not get receive his chiropractic care in the hospital. He used to suffer from constipation a lot even though he was breast fed. Every time he received Dr. Seibert's gentle adjustment he was relieved with in 24hours. It was amazing how easy that was and how well it worked with no side effect what so ever. I encourage every parent to bring his/her child in for the chiropractic check up to help them grow healthy.

Seibert Chiropractic is now twice the size compared to when I started working. The practice grew with a lot of referrals from our patients. We are very fortunate to have great patients and I absolutely enjoy working here. It is great to see a lot of patients being relieved from pain and discomfort, and start noticing the changes in their health to the point they are able to enjoy their lives. I am looking forward to meeting more patients to share the great benefits of chiropractic lifestyle.

Nicole Smith

My name is Nicole Smith, yes, one of the most common names. I was born and raised in Montana.I love the Big Sky, and do want to go back one day, but I am enjoying the summer months all year round in San Diego. I grew up performing in ballet, jazz, and tap. In 2011 I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BS in Marketing and Management. I am currently taking classes through Mesa College for graphic and web design. I enjoy learning and continue to seek out new challenges.

When I am not at the office I am continuing my passion with dance through circus arts. I teach contemporary and pole fitness classes at a Sexy Beast Fitness in North Park on Tuesday evenings. I enjoy working with people and love to help them grow in their healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously, and I am honored to work for a Chiropractor who cares about her patients.

Deana Cantero

My name is Deana Cantero and I am true Midwest girl at heart. I hail from the great state of Michigan and continue carrying my Michigander roots with a deep love of college football. Go Green. Go White. I moved to San Diego in 2001, and have decided that this is my forever home! I am totally fine with paying the sunshine tax!
In my professional background, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with and for some really fantastic people in all kinds of industries. I have a strong medical device sterilization background and have been able to turn that into a lucrative independent career and enjoy working with my peers and clientele on a daily basis.
When I am not diving into the world of electrons and microbial chains and now spines and vertebrae, you can find me at home with my 2 children, 2 step children, loving fiancé, and our 3 dogs! I am often in kitchen cooking and baking for my family and all of our wonderful friends. Fall is my favorite season as it encompasses football, pumpkin everything, and of course my birthday!
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hone a new skill and work alongside Dr. Seibert and her amazing crew! It’s fast paced, its dynamic, its challenging…it’s me! I am looking forward to a long career and adding new members to my “family.” Joseph Pilates once said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” In short, take care of your spine and you’ll be fine!

Alona Bradley

Massage therapy is a passion of hers. She has worked at Seibert Chiropractic for over two years, and really enjoys working on the patients with her medical/rehab massages. This is a special type of massage that Dr. Seibert likes her patients to get.